Packt eBook Bonanza is back

If you like to read books, especially technical book like I do, I have a great news for you. In this post I’d like to share a great stuff. This year, Packt Publishing is having eBook Bonanza. This is a great time to get books you want on Packt.

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PhoneGap Mobile application Development Hotshot Review

When designing mobile app, there is one thing that should be decided early whether the app will be a native, a web, or hybrid app. Each type of app uses different technoligies to build, and consideration of each pros and cons is needed. The right choice of technolgy is one of the key to have successful app or product.

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Tools for Modern Web Developer

Development tools are created not only to boost developer’s productivity, but also make development process more enjoyable. In this article, I will cover some development tools that I used often. Please note that I won’t cover in-depth tutorial for each tools. This article covers only a gentle intruduction, reason to use, and main function of the tools.

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